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Dementia Doulas

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In 2019, after many years in the planning, the Dementia Doula role finally came to life to better meet the needs of those impacted by advancing dementia. A role that would provide support, information, education, liaison and advocacy to those without a voice, from post-diagnosis through to the bereavement stage.This concept has gone on to take compassionate care to a whole new level and ensure it was no longer a 'nice' to have but instead a 'need' to have. A concept offering staff within a clinically dominated industry diversity and job opportunities within a clearly defined professional leadership role.

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Wendy Hall

Managing Director

Wendy developed the Dementia Doula role and founded Dementia Doulas International after many years feeling frustrated that something was missing for those she served.

Following an extensive career as a Registered Nurse, Paramedic and Dementia Consultant, she knew it was time for tangible change that made a difference to those that needed it most.

Wendy is the author of 'Dementia Can’t Take Everything!', 'The Dementia Doula' and 'Beyond the Darkness of Dementia'.

Her passion for training and mentoring is fostered through her interactive approach to education provision by challenging mindsets and encouraging those supporting someone or working within the area of dementia to explore different ways of thinking. Her goal is to shift preconceived ideas about existing barriers to dementia care and influence the palliative care space ensuring no one goes it alone.

Lorrie Beattie

Business Development Consultant

As Director of BT Executive Services and BT Dementia Doula Services, Lorrie’s passion is certainly grounded in building and maintaining client relationships. She fosters a culture of care with a genuine compassion for others at its core and easily establishes rapport and connection with her clients.

Lorrie has a strong level of commitment, curiosity and engagement which sees her incorporate her own highly developed people skills to coach others to achieve breakthroughs they would otherwise have thought impossible. Her clients and community trust her to help overcome insecurities and self-sabotaging habits to realise the freedom in living enriched and healthy lives.

Lorrie brings a sense of fun and joy as she works to change the way we care for one another through listening, encouraging and inspiring and becoming the very best version of ourselves.

Nina Corlett

Training Development Consultant

Nina is a Certified Practicing Counsellor, Dementia Doula and Director of Sacred Pathways Counselling. She assists people experiencing acute grief and loss be it through a change in circumstances, bereavement or trauma.

She has a special interest in Dementia Care of both individuals living with dementia and the families supporting them. Nina also assists in aspects of mental health and wellness, particularly anxiety and depression. She has experience in working with both individuals and families.

Nina also works as an aged care chaplain, having been a school chaplain for over a decade. Having trained as a teacher, Nina worked for many years as an educator in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary settings. She was also the Director of a Vocational Education and Training provider. Nina is passionate about people and an advocate for social justice.